Start your own business as a Chocolates for Chocoholics Distributor

Do you have what it takes to start your own business as a Chocoholics Distributor? If, after reading this summary, you would like to discuss this with us then please call us on 01189 321043.

Chocolates for Chocoholics Ltd started in business in 1986 and now supplies chocolates to customers all over the UK. The demand for our chocolates and gifts is traditionally much greater at Christmas and Easter so we concentrate on developing two specific collections to take advantage of those periods. We also have a range of Celebrations products and favours that are aimed at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, business incentives etc.  Customers can also order  gift boxes and bars of chocolate that can be personalised and are ideal as promotional gifts or for special occasions.

Most of our products are developed ‘in house’ by our own staff and are not available through the normal retail trade. We pride ourselves on producing products that are of premium quality, visually very attractive and offer excellent value for money. We operate out of 20,000sq ft of offices and storage and we are able to hold substantial stocks during key periods.

Our products are primarily sold through a growing number of  ‘Gold Discount Customers’ and ‘Chocoholics Distributors’ who are given the opportunity to generate an income for themselves by selling our products in their own local area.

A Chocoholics Distributor helps us market and promote our business in their local area by distributing our brochures and arranging Chocolate Parties in the lead up to Christmas and Easter. They run their own business and work on a self employed basis. The popularity of our range means they can get very busy during the ten week Christmas and seven week Easter seasons and many of the more successful ones probably work almost full time hours during the season.

Their customer base will come from guests at Chocolate Parties, consumers who order via brochures and local businesses ordering business gifts. In addition the local Chocoholics Distributors also works extensively with local fundraisers who use our range to generate commission. With no upper earnings limit the only constraining factor is the amount of work they are able to put in. The harder they work the more money they make!

The hours that they put in will depend on them, but to be successful they will need to arrange three to four Chocolate Parties a week during the two seasons plus additional time in the day for admin, banking, order preparation, deliveries etc. Although this can be quite a commitment during our seasons the benefit is that they only effectively work for 17 weeks a year. This makes it very easy to fit in with family commitments.

In order for a Chocoholics Distributor to organise Chocolate Parties they will need a product kit to display at the parties. It is supplied by us at an initial discount of 22.5% and if an agreed minimum number of parties are subsequently booked each season with a minimum level of overall sales  then the discount will be increased to 50% at the end of the season.  The kit is normally due for payment halfway through the season so this means that at Christmas e.g. you would have five weeks to make sufficient sales to ensure that your kit is paid for out of your profits rather than your own pocket.

You would normally sell items in your kit each week and then replace them with fresh stock.  At the end of the season your kit will still be ‘fresh’  and you  able to sell off most or all of it at the end of your parties.  This should allow you to recover all, or the majority of the cost of the initial kit.

As Chocoholics Distributors put in a lot more time they tend to be more successful and  their income will be substantially higher. During a typical Winter season the average Chocolate Party our Distributors hold is just over £400. If you were to do three parties a week with that average you would sell about £1,200 a week. We supply our Distributors with a substantial number of free brochures each season and you will be  able to hand them out to local fundraisers, playschools and nurseries, scouts etc . These brochures should produce additional  orders worth a few hundred pounds each week.  Over the course of the ten-week season we anticipate this should generate combined sales of around £15,000. This would produce a gross profit of at least £2,250. Your main costs to come out of that would be your postage, telephone and fuel.  Please note that these  figures are an indication of what has been achieved by other Distributors and does not guarantee that you will do the same.

Distributors need to be able to drive and have their own vehicle to carry their display kit and make deliveries.

Chocoholics Distributors will need suitable storage facilities at home for their display kit and deliveries.  As chocolate is a perishable food product it needs to be stored in a cool dry place, away from strong smells. During a Christmas season it is not uncommon for a new Distributor to sell £1200 to £1500 a week and you will need adequate room at home to sort and store this amount of stock. If you are well organised you should be able deal with the bulk of the stock within a day or so but it will help if you have somewhere to store excess stock or undelivered orders.

We also include FREE with the Kit and starter package:

                Some initial advice where you learn something about chocolate and how we work.

                A sufficient number of brochures to last you for each season,

                Selected tasting samples each week to hand out to guests at Chocolate Parties.

                Gifts for hostesses and customers who collect brochure orders

                Deliveries to your home via our own vans or courier during our two seasons.

                Leads from our website.

                Support and backup from our office as required. 

No previous experience is required and in fact sometimes we find that people who approach this from an open minded point of view are more successful than others with lots of previous experience. Amongst our current Distributors we have mums with small children, others with teenagers, and some whose children have all left home. We also have some retired and semi-retired couples. The only real criteria is a desire to be successful, be willing to work, meet lots of interesting people and  make some money!

For more information please contact the company directly:

Chocolates for Chocoholics Ltd, Lea Farm, Lodge Rd, Hurst, Reading RG10 0SS tel 01189 321043

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